Hero mom finds 1982 Luke Skywalker toy just in time for Christmas More than 30 years ago, Redditor OMGparty was supposed to get an X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker action figure. But the gift was forgotten about, never to be seen again until this Christmas. OMGparty's mom found the vintage Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back toy in its original box, fit with a K-Mart price tag, recently in the back of a drawer, he wrote on Imgur. She surprised her son this Christmas with the find — on the heels of all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens excitement. See also: 6 moments from the Star Wars Holiday Special that'll confuse you "I'm amazed! Going to be holding on to this forever," the Star Wars fan wrote on Imgur. View post on imgur.com The $2.50 gift from 1982 is likely now worth a lot more as a collector's item, especially because it's never been taken out of the box. But OMGparty doesn't plan to sell. "In terms of value, someone on my Facebook feed said $500 but I think that's most likely WAY WAY over inflated. It's got some weathering that would keep it from being considered 'New in the box' to collectors," he told Daily Dot. "Not that it matters, there is absolutely NO way that I would ever sell this. No amount of money is worth it's value to me as a gift from my Mom!" [h/t Daily Dot] Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.
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