Party Personnel

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Party Personnel Inc. was founded in 1993 with one simple but clear business goal – to provide quality wait staff for clients entertaining a large number of guests for special events and parties. 

Today Party Personnel specializes in providing skilled, uniformed, and reliable banquet servers and bartenders to hotels, country clubs,upscale caterers, businesses and private homes. The company has developed an excellent reputation for trust, honesty and dependability with their clients.

Party Personnel founder Mary Schanzer has been well recognized in Kansas City’s entrepreneurial community. 

  • Hotel Supplier of the Year 2004 from the Hotel & Lodging Association 
  • One of Kansas City’s Best Places to Work 2002
  • Certificate of Merit from the State of Kansas for a Kansan Woman-Owned Service Firm in 2002 
  • Women Who Mean Business Award from the Kansas City Business Journal 2001
  • Member of the Kansas City ATHENA PowerLink Governing Body
  • Mentor on an ATHENA PowerLink Advisory Panel 
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Personal Trainer .com | Personal Trainer .com

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Welcome to Personal Trainer .com. where you’ll find all the resources you need to achieve your fitness goals. Our directory of personal trainers enables you to find and contact trainers in your area with just a few clicks. Find that trainer who’s a perfect fit for your fitness goals. Personal Trainer .com is FREE and private. No trainer will contact you until you contact them first. It’s that easy. Find a personal trainer now!

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Why Netflix’s Money Heist makes the case for Bitcoin

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Season 4 of Netflix’s hit series, Money Heist—or “La Casa de Papel” in Spanish—is set to hit screens today. And according to hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, it’s the perfect parallel for Bitcoin and decentralization. 

Money Heist features a band of anonymous robbers who target centralized finance institutions to destabilize the financial system. But Ledger claims the systems would be much more resilient if they were more decentralized.

“Security is one of the elements where centralized financial institutions can struggle,” reads the blog post. “This emerges from the simple fact that they’re a central storage space for a lot of people’s money, meaning there’s an enormous potential loot for thieves. This makes it an enticing target, and thieves know exactly where to go to steal this.”

Decentralized platforms—and by proxy, decentralized money—hold significant benefits over their centralized counterparts, Ledger claims. Primarily, within decentralized systems, individuals control their money and it’s not

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Small Business | U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of the American dream. These risk-takers and dreamers spur growth, create jobs, and expand opportunities. We are working every day at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to elevate the voice of America’s small business owners and highlight the important role they play in the nation’s economy.

The Small Business Council

The Small Business Council is is the primary vehicle by which small businesses take part in determining the Chamber’s small business strategy. The Council is the U.S. Chamber’s principal standing policy committee and action group representing the issues of concern to small business. In addition to formulating small business policy, the council assists small business members in creating effective grass roots actions and strategies on legislative, regulatory, and international initiatives. The group is able to bring to the Board’s attention small business issues they

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How to make more money in 2020 (without a lot of work)

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Whenever you go to Google to find out how to make more money, you’re subject to the same old suggestions that don’t work.

If you’re here, you want different, and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you by NOT giving you a 100+ list of things that stopped making money back when dial-up was the new kid on the block.

In other words, here are some of the best ways you can start making extra money in 2020.

The 3 best ways to make more money

  1. Tap into hidden income
  2. Negotiate a raise
  3. Start a side hustle

There are plenty of other ways to make more money — but these three are my favorite.

Let’s get started.

Having more than one stream of income can help you through tough economic times. Learn how to start earning money on the side with my FREE Ultimate Guide to Making Money


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Elementary Money Skills Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Teaching Lessons

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Kids & Money









Includes counting money and money
recognition.  Counting money
with coins, bills and dollars, money
recognition and identification, and
learning money with interactive
Teaching and learning money with
worksheets, lessons, lesson plans,
and interactive lessons.


Printable money math worksheets and
lessons.  Practice money math
problems and exercises in addition,
subtraction, multiplication,
division, percents and percentages,
fractions, decimals, estimation,
rounding, and other math skills.  Learn
and reinforce basic math and consumer math skills.


Teach and learn the words and
vocabulary of money, personal
finance, and money management. 
Worksheets, lessons, and lesson
plans. Reading comprehension.

Money Lesson Plans


Money lesson plans and money lessons
to teach basic money skills.




Encourage beginners to identify
money with these coloring pages.



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Financial Management Concepts in Layman’s Terms

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Professionnal Financial Translation Services in Switzerland

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Finance plays a key role in the competitiveness and wealth of a country as it provides the economy with the capital it needs to operate.

Switzerland has not only been able to make the financial sector an important pillar of its economy but also to establish the quality of its services on an international level.

The Swiss financial hub features a very high density of large multinationals; there is always a strong demand for financial translations in the national languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) as well as international languages such as English and others.

SwissTranslate is a Swiss translation agency that has in-depth knowledge of the Finance sector.

Specialised in their fields, our translators only translate into their mother tongue.

Our senior translators and proofreaders all have many years of experience in translating the specifics of corporate financial management, investment, international finance, public and corporate finance (translations for institutions,

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Personal Injury Attorney – Find Local Personal Injury Lawyers

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Personal injury is the term used to describe physical and mental injuries that occur because of someone else’s negligence, intentional actions, or strict liability.

  • Negligence means the other party failed to act with reasonable care. For example, imagine you are in your car stopped at a red light when another driver rear ends you because he or she isn’t paying attention. If you suffer physical injuries in the crash, those could be personal injury due to negligence. (Any damage to your car is property damage, not personal injury, because the car is an object, not a person.)
  • Intentional harm means the other person set out to hurt you. This includes cases of battery, assault, and false imprisonment.
  • Strict liability means that anyone involved in the production, distribution, or sale of a defective product can be held responsible if the product injures someone.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are several

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A91’s $20 Mn secondary investment in Aye Finance gives 3X exit to Accion

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Aye Finance has always been good with raising equity and debt capital to fund its business model of lending to small enterprises.

Soon after securing Rs 107 crore in a debt funding round from BlueOrchard, Aye Finance has now bagged an investment of $20 million from venture capital firm A91 Partners through a secondary sale of shares.

Following the deal which was led by Kaushik Anand, India head for Capital G at A91, the firm has acquired the stake of Aye Finance’s early backer Accion.

Importantly, Accion has received a 3X exit in return from its initial investment.

Floated by former Sequoia Capital’s managing directors VT Bharadwaj, Gautam Mago, and Abhay Pandey, A91 had closed its maiden fund at $350 million in May last year to invest on early to growth-stage private companies across consumer, healthcare, financial services, and technology sectors.

While the latest development has taken the primary funding

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