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Effective April 1, 2020, Air Ambulance Membership/Subscription Companies Must Be Licensed. Air ambulance companies operating in Wyoming and offering memberships or subscriptions are reminded that Wyo. Stat. §26-5-103(a)(ii) was passed as part of the Air Ambulance Coverage-Medicaid Act, HB0194/HEA 0112 during the 2019 Wyoming legislative session.  Effective, April 1, 2020, disability insurance is defined in Wyo. Stat. § 26-5-103(a)(ii) as “insurance of any kind on human beings against disablement or expense resulting from sickness, including subscription or membership plans relating to air ambulance transport services.” This definition of disability insurance is not exclusive to the Medicaid program and disability insurance is not under the jurisdiction or funding of CMS. Rather, enforcement of this provision is under the authority and jurisdiction of the Wyoming Department of Insurance (DOI).  Accordingly, all air ambulance membership and subscription companies must be licensed as disability insurers with the Department of Insurance by
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The Ten Largest Auto Insurance Companies of 2020

The largest car insurance companies by state

State Farm is the largest insurer in 35 states and Washington, D.C. After State Farm, GEICO was most frequently the largest insurer, taking the top market share spot in 10 states. Progressive held the most market share in 4 states, and American Family in just 1.

Largest auto insurance companies in each state

Big vs. small insurance companies

The trade-off between large insurance companies and small ones typically involves giving up competitive rates for an improved customer experience.

  • When using a small insurance company for your auto insurance, you’ll likely communicate exclusively with one insurance agent.
  • While you might lose a personal connection when selecting a major insurer, the largest companies tend to have more financial stability. In fact, these carriers underwrite and pay out billions of dollars per year, and still often leverage their resources to offer drivers lower insurance rates.


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Personal Finance For Dummies 8th Edition PDF

Personal Finance For Dummies 8th Edition PDF

Book Name : Personal Finance For Dummies

 Edition : 8th Edition | | ISBN : 9780764552311

 Author Name : Eric Tyson;

 Category : Business

 Format / Pages : PDF – 480 Pages

Personal Finance For Dummies 8th Edition pdf

The proven guide to taking control of your finances
The bestselling Personal Finance For Dummies has helped countless readers budget their funds successfully, rein in debt, and build a strong foundation for the future. Now, renowned financial counselor Eric Tyson combines his time-tested financial advice along with updates to his strategies that reflect changing economic conditions, giving you a better-than-ever guide to taking an honest look at your current financial health and setting realistic goals for the future.

Inside, you’ll find techniques for tracking expenditures, reducing spending, and getting out from under the burden of high-interest debt. Tyson explains the basics of investing in plain English, as well as the risks,

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Put money where mouth is

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put (one’s) money where (one’s) mouth is

To do, live up to, or follow through on something one talks about, threatens, or promises, especially (but not always) when it involves spending money. Fans who have been demanding a sequel for the last decade had better put their money where their mouth is and go buy a ticket! He promised to lower taxes if he got elected. Now let’s see if he’ll put his money where his mouth is.

Put your money where your mouth is!

Inf. Stop just talking and stake your own money! (From gambling. Can also be said to someone giving investment advice.) You want me to bet on that horse? Did you? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? If this is such a good stock, you buy it. Put your money where your mouth is!

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How to Set Up and Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Ever been stuck in a situation where you need to get a computer or tablet online with no Wi-Fi nearby? If you have an iPhone with a 3G or 4G data connection or better, that problem can be easily solved with a Personal Hotspot.

Instructions in this article apply to iOS 12, although functionality is similar for recent versions of the Apple mobile operating system.

Lifewire / Kaley McKean

Personal Hotspot Explained

Personal Hotspot is a feature of iOS that lets iPhones running iOS 4.3 and higher share a cellular data connection with other nearby devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. This feature is known as tethering.

When you use Personal Hotspot, your iPhone acts like a wireless router for the other devices, transmitting and receiving data for these devices. If you have the available data on your cellular plan, it’s an excellent alternative to using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Small Business | Category | Fox Business

Oregon Dairy Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, couldn’t allow its milk go to waste.

One rural grocer is donating the milk processed on its farm to a local food bank, putting to use a product that dairy operators across the nation are being forced to pour down the drain after demand from bars and restaurants fizzled.

At least 75 publicly traded companies — some with market values of well over $100 million — tapped the government-backed loans.

The House is expected to vote Thursday, and President Trump could sign it into law as soon as that evening.

The company is committing $1 million — in the form of $2,000 grants — to assist independently owned diners.  

The online retailing giant has long asserted, including to Congress, that when it makes and sells its own products, it doesn’t use information it collects from the site’s individual third-party sellers — data those sellers

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Earning Money, Making Money, Careers, Lesson Plans, Worksheets

Earning Money

Earning and Making Money Lessons

Teach and learn about earning and making money. Learn about different ways that people make money in different careers, jobs, and lines of work.

Practice reading and understanding employee earnings statements, paychecks, time card sheets, income, health insurance, deductions and other lessons related to earning and making money.

Money worksheets, lessons, and lesson plans.

Earning Money Lessons and Worksheets



Introduction to Earning Money

An introduction to earning money. Students learn why they should earn money and how to earn it.




Getting Paid for Chores

Learn about making money by doing chores. Earning an allowance.



Earning Money – Taxi Driver – Job Lesson

Practice earning money skills with a taxi driver theme.



Getting Paid Word Problems

A word problem making

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Nebraska health insurance: find affordable coverage

Health insurance in Nebraska

Nebraska’s health marketplace

State legislative efforts to preserve or strengthen provisions of the Affordable Care Act

How hard has Nebraska tried to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s gains? See how Nebraska compares to other states.

Nebraska uses the federally facilitated health insurance exchange, but with a marketplace plan management model, which means the state oversees various aspects of the plans available for sale in the exchange.

Open enrollment for 2020 health plans has ended, although Nebraska residents with qualifying events can still enroll or make changes to their coverage for 2020. The next open enrollment period, for plans effective in 2021, will begin November 1, 2020.

Medica is no longer the only insurer offering coverage through the Nebraska exchange. Bright Health joined the exchange statewide for 2020. Medica had proposed an average rate decrease of 5.3 percent for 2020, but later revised it to a 6.9 percent average decrease.

Medicaid expansion in Nebraska

Voters in Nebraska approved a Medicaid

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A Leading South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Voted Best Lawyer

Voted Best Lawyer

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You know better than anyone that after you or a family member has been injured, everything changes. Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys are ready to assist you in getting back on your feet after your serious injury. An accident can happen in a matter of seconds but the recovery process could take weeks, months or years and could be painful and expensive. The Derrick Law Firm, a South Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm, will stand up for you and make sure that you receive what you deserve after your life changing incident.

The Derrick Law Firm Is Proud To Serve Personal Injury Clients Throughout The Myrtle Beach Area

The Derrick Law Firm

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