Domestic abusers use tech that connects as a weapon during coronavirus lockdowns

<span class="caption">Technology plays a major role in violence against women and girls.</span> <span class="attribution"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:AntonioGuillem/iStock via Getty Images">AntonioGuillem/iStock via Getty Images</a></span>
Technology plays a major role in violence against women and girls. AntonioGuillem/iStock via Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has driven much of daily life – work, school, socializing – online. Unfortunately, perpetrators of violence against women and girls are also increasingly turning to technology in response to the pandemic.

Globally, violence against women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions, with one in three experiencing an act of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. Most of these acts of violence are perpetrated by intimate partners and family. In the United States, women are at increased risk of violence from a current or former intimate partner, and they are more likely than men to suffer injuries, be treated in emergency rooms and be killed as a result of intimate partner violence.

Violence against women and girls is costly for victims and their families, communities and society. The problem is

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How to organise holiday money in an age of pandemics

Change approach: the coronavirus crisis means cash is no longer king: Simon Calder
Change approach: the coronavirus crisis means cash is no longer king: Simon Calder

The shrapnel from my final trip before lockdown is still on my desk. Saudi and Yemeni riyals, Jordanian dinars, Israeli shekels and Egyptian pounds provide a pecuniary reminder of a joyful journey.

But next time I travel to and through the Middle East, I do not expect to return with such an exotic collection of notes and coins.

Until mid-March, I was a cash traveller: taking sterling, euros or dollars abroad and tracking down the best place to change for local currency – whether a carpet shop in India or a bakery in Uzbekistan.

Yet since I returned home from Cairo three months ago, the world’s attitude to money has changed.

Cash is no longer king; the coronavirus crisis has vastly accelerated progress towards digital payments, and the traveller needs to be equipped for a contactless future

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Everything you need to know about visiting Spain this summer

Playa de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain: istock
Playa de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain: istock

As countries around the globe tentatively begin to relax restrictions on travel, the promise of tapas al fresco and long, lazy sun-filled days beside the sea come top of the travel wish-list for many tourists.

Spain has long topped the list as one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations, with more than 18 million British tourists visiting in 2019 – a fifth of the country’s overall total of nearly 84 million visitors, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics.

But can British holidaymakers get there? And will we be welcome if we do?

Here’s all the information you need to know.

Am I allowed to travel to Spain from the UK?

At the moment, the Foreign Office is advising against all non-essential international travel – including to Spain.

The ban was initially put in place to avoid Britons getting stuck abroad as

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How can I get a refund on my cancelled holiday, flight or cruise?

A man walks past a signboard displaying cancelled flights at an arrivals floor of the international terminal at Haneda airport in Tokyo: AFP via Getty Images
A man walks past a signboard displaying cancelled flights at an arrivals floor of the international terminal at Haneda airport in Tokyo: AFP via Getty Images

During three months of lockdown, tens of thousands of travellers will have had their holidays cancelled. Many will have found claiming a refund an uphill struggle. So what are your rights when it comes to Covid cancellations? Here’s everything you need to know.

My package holiday has been cancelled. What are my rights?

Under the Package Travel Regulations, if you book a holiday including transport and accommodation that is cancelled by the operator, you are entitled to a full cash refund within two weeks.

But the company says it can’t meet that deadline…

Many holiday firms are in an impossible position, unable to meet the legal deadline because they simply don’t have the money.

Britain’s travel industry is facing its greatest crisis in modern

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How My Small World With Multiple Sclerosis Has Become Big Since COVID-19

Jen working from home.
Jen working from home.

Ten years ago, my world shrank immensely as symptoms of fatigue prevented me from traveling and participating in professional conferences and events. I was at the peak of my career as a marketing strategist and business owner. Twelve-hour work days were typical. Then, in 2010, I returned from a three-day business trip with a dropped foot, my hand unable to hold a pen, and my lip drooping. All on the left side of my body.

My friends practically dragged me to the emergency room. Normally, a diagnosis like the one I got is a long process of elimination. But in my case, they knew right away. There was no doubt in the neurologist’s mind that it was multiple sclerosis.

After I was treated and recovered from this MS relapse, immense fatigue latched onto me like a lamprey. I realized my life would never be the same.

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Bahamas reverses itself, will require COVID-19 test for tourists after July 1.

The Bahamas has reversed itself on COVID-19 tests for tourists.

After announcing that foreign visitors and Bahamians returning home will not need to obtain a negative COVID-19 test when the country reopens on July 1 to international commercial flights, Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar told Parliament Wednesday that a negative test will now be required.

Last week Dr. Duane Sands, the former health minister who resigned amid the pandemic after a public quarrel with the prime minister, warned fellow lawmakers the country was taking chances by not expanding testing for the disease caused by the coronavirus. The country has registered 104 positive cases, of whom 72 have recovered and 11 have died.

“There has been much concern expressed about the re-opening of the country to foreign visitors — allowing them and Bahamians returning home, after 1 July, to enter the country without, I repeat without, some form of testing

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‘My employer broke the furlough rules’

“Initially I didn’t know how to feel, but it only took about five or ten minutes’ worth of research to realise that no, you definitely couldn’t work in any capacity.”

Steve (not his real name) is 27 and works in manufacturing in County Durham. His employer told him that he had been furloughed but he later received a message from his boss asking him to log on and work.

Under the furlough scheme, which was brought in to minimise unemployment due to the coronavirus crisis, the government pays 80% of staff salaries up to £2,500 a month. But once an employee has been furloughed, they cannot do any work that would help their employer make money.

Nevertheless, HM Revenue and Customs has told the BBC that it has received more than 3,000 reports of furlough fraud since April.

After Steve learned that he was not allowed work while on furlough,

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6 key financial questions you should ask your dad on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day will be a bit different than usual, as people try to keep their distance from aging family members.

Many of us will celebrate over video chat, buy our dad brunch using a meal delivery app and try to make small talk without our go-to topic of sports.

Instead of rambling about the weather, you would be wise to take this opportunity to have a frank chat with your dad about money.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the economy, and millions of Americans’ financial situations have changed as a result — particularly those who are nearing retirement.

Though you might feel awkward speaking with your dad about money, it’s never been more important to check in with him about his finances and make sure that he’s prepared for the future.

Here are six questions you should ask him this Father’s Day.

1. Is your retirement

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How the Coronavirus Crisis is Opening the Door to Universal Social Policies in the U.S.

The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the health, social, and economic inequalities that have been growing in the United States for decades. The pandemic is killing Black Americans at over twice the rate of white Americans, Black women are experiencing some of the largest losses in employment, and child hunger among working class communities continues to grow. Together with the protests against racial injustice, this moment of upheaval is leading to calls across the U.S. for structural reforms to the social and economic systems in our country.

What do people want these reforms to look like? Our research shows broad and building support for expansions of the social safety net across the U.S.—policies that would keep people safe by ensuring that basic needs can be met. In national surveys we conducted with thousands of Americans across the political spectrum, there are now levels of support for these programs that would

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France wants its tourists back

Diners at a cafe in Paris this week
Diners at a cafe in Paris this week

As chief executive of Europe’s largest car rental group, Caroline Parot is well placed to assess the levels of support that governments are providing for businesses struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

“At Europcar, we lost most of our customers, both leisure and business travellers,” she says from its Paris headquarters. “Getting back up to speed is very slow. For us, the lifting of the lockdown doesn’t mean the crisis is over – it’s going to last for two or three years.”

Europcar has just over a quarter of the European car rental market, with operations in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The group normally buys 400,000 new cars a year, but has cancelled all orders. France is ploughing €8bn (£7.1 bn) into a rescue plan for its car industry, but Renault is cutting 15,000 jobs worldwide.

Europcar has

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