Shopping for refurbished kitchen appliances and home improvement tools is the smartest way to get more for your money

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There are two ways to save money on big purchases like kitchen appliances and home improvement tools: you can wait and wait for the best sales, and then fight your way through the crowds to shop them; or you can buy certified refurbished merchandise for significant discounts. The best part? These refurbished products look, feel and function like they’re brand new.

In the same way that you can return clothes that doesn’t fit quite right when you get it home, you can return appliances and tools too. Those barely-used items go back to the store or manufacturer, but because they have been used or got a ding or two in the delivery and return process, can’t be sold as “new” anymore. What happens then? They get refurbished and resold.

“People could go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and look at a basic range for anything from $600 to $1000, or

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Coronavirus could provide a chance to make sport more equal

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Dame Sarah Storey believes the coronavirus crisis has provided sport with an unprecedented opportunity to build “a more equal world” for men and women provided sports administrators are prepared to think “outside the box”.

With the Premier League set to resume behind closed doors on Wednesday — thanks in part to the vast sums of money being spent on testing — there are fears of a ‘gender lockdown gap’, with much of the progress of the last decade potentially being undone as women’s sport is abandoned by cash-strapped governing bodies and sponsors.

Storey, the 14-time Paralympic champion, says she prefers to think of the current situation as an “opportunity to reset the whole landscape” as it has in other walks of life.

“I want to look on the bright side because that’s what I’m doing with the other part of my life, with active travel, trying to make positive suggestions

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How to Save Time and Money Food Shopping

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Shopping for groceries has been fraught enough of late—and that was before food prices spiked. Now consumers need to find new ways to economize on what they buy at the store while continuing to stay safe as they shop.

Grocery prices rose a seasonally adjusted 1 percent between April and May, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks the prices of goods and services that Americans consume. That’s not as high as the 2.6 percent increase between March and April. But taken together, those increases mean Americans paid an average 4.8 percent more for “food at home,” as the BLS calls it, than they did in May 2019.

Some of the largest increases are due to events you’ve seen in the news. Beef and veal posted their highest-ever one-month gain, 10.8 percent, the result of temporary shutdowns of meatpacking plants where workers were infected with the coronavirus.

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31 Hidden Ways You’re Bleeding Money Every Month

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There are some expenses you plan for every month — your rent or mortgage, utilities, your cellphone bill, etc. — but there are also a lot of hidden expenses you’re paying for regularly that you might not be aware of. These little costs could quickly add up, whittling away at your hard-earned paycheck.

Uncover the hidden ways you’re losing money every month, so you can start making moves to stop the bleeding.

Last updated: June 15, 2020

Not Tracking Your Spending

You should be able to account for every dollar you spend. Keep track of your spending with a budgeting app, spreadsheet or even a notebook. Simply recording what you’re spending money on will make it easier to spot any hidden expenses.

Paying Checking Account Fees

Some banks charge monthly fees or service charges for their checking accounts. Those fees could end up costing you over $100 a year —

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Catfish meaning – How to spot a catfish

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Catfish have always been a concern when it comes to online dating, and our fears were not quashed in the least by the creation of the Catfish TV show and the ensuing scandals. And now, as we all spend a lot more time online dating and getting used to the new normal of social distanced dating post-coronavirus, it’s more of a concern than ever. But it’s not just catfish with a dodgy edit or some fake pictures you need to look out for, but full-on romance fraudsters too. So how can you spot the different kinds of scammers, and what can you do about it?

The different kinds of catfish

White-lie catfish

We’ve probably all done it at some point. Presenting a filtered version of ourselves that we think is more appealing to those swiping on us, say shaving a few years off our age or using old photos. If

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50 Things Every 50-Something Should Know About Retirement

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People in their 50s who are nearing retirement have a lot on their plates. Between mortgages, adult-age kids and other responsibilities, it can be hard to prioritize everything. However, it’s never too late to prepare yourself for those golden years.

Look at your spending to figure out where your money is going and if you need to start budgeting so you’ll have enough savings for retirement.

“I often see couples unaware of each other’s spending habits until they create a budget,” said Dolph Janis, owner and founder of Clear Income Strategies Group. So have a serious talk with your spouse about establishing spending controls and setting aside funds for your future.

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Watchdog clamps down on scam ads with online reporting site

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Customers that come across scam ads online will be able to report them to a State-backed system for the first time from today.

The UK Scam Ad Alert System will allow internet users to flag bogus ads by providing details like the ad’s web address and content.

The system is being headed up by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

While most big internet services like Amazon and Facebook Marketplace already employ their own scam prevention methods, the new alert system will allow the details of the fake ads to be shared among all platforms that could be affected.

Once reported, the ASA will circulate the advertiser’s details, remove the ad, and suspend the perpetrators account if possible.

The launch follows a three-month pilot by the ASA and the IAB, which allowed the system to alert platforms and publishers to paid-for scam ads. Fake ads

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Joe Biden and ActBlue rake in big money in May

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Joe Biden’s campaign announced Monday they raised $80.8 million in May along with the Democratic National Committee and joint fundraising committee. CBS News political unit associate producer Sarah Ewall-Wice reports that it’s the most the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has raised to date during the 2020 presidential election cycle. According to the campaign, more than half of the donors last month were new contributors, signaling a surge in grassroots momentum, with more than 1.5 million new supporters joining the campaign in the last few weeks. The campaign also said the number of online donors has tripled since February. The average online donation in May was $30 and educators continue to be listed as the largest occupation group for donors. 

“I’m humbled and honored that you have put your trust in me as your presumptive Democratic nominee. And I’m incredibly honored by the support I’ve received from you all,” Biden wrote

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Most money made through the App Store does not go through Apple, company says amid questions over the ‘digital marketplace’

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Apple says that most of the money being “facilitated” by its App Store does not go through the company, as it unveiled new research into the scale of the digital economy.

The App Store helped facilitate some $519 billion in billings and sales last year, it claimed based on new analysis.

Most of that money did not go through App Store purchases or in-app payments, it said, but rather simply relied on software for Apple’s platforms to make goods and services available.

The new announcement comes amid questions over the scale of app stores run by Apple, Google and other companies. Last week, Axios reported that US antitrust investigators asked Apple whether chief executive Tim Cook would give testimony as part of a probe into competition among tech companies.

Apple and Mr Cook have repeatedly said that they welcome the scrutiny of the App Store that has come with increased

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Neighbours reveals turning point for Mackenzie and father Grant

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Neighbours spoilers follow.

It looks like there are tricky times ahead for Mackenzie Hargreaves and her estranged father Grant in upcoming Neighbours episodes. But could there be a turning point?

Grant (Paul Mercurio) has struggled to accept Mackenzie’s transition, but Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) is cautiously optimistic they can get their relationship back on track when he reaches out with a friend request online and arranges to visit Erinsborough.

Unfortunately, little does Mackenzie know that the real reason for the visit is that Grant has suffered an injury and is seeking Toadie’s legal advice.

grant hargreaves wins courtney act's bingo game in neighbours

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Things soon start to look up as Mackenzie begins to spend some time with Grant and she starts to get excited about their blossoming relationship – but is everything as it seems?

Later, Mackenzie and Grant make tentative strides in their

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