George Floyd protests lead to reckoning as Black employees speak out on racism and discrimination in the workplace

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a video on Twitter announcing a $100-million initiative to fight racism and break down barriers to opportunity, including inside his own company.

Tanya Faison, who is Black and for five years worked in technical support at Apple, says she’s skeptical of these expressions of solidarity from corporations that for years stayed silent on systemic racism while perpetuating racial inequality by failing to hire, promote or fairly pay Black people and people of color.

“It’s very nice that he’s decided to take this moment to start focusing on Black folks, when he is in a company with Black employees who are not being taken care of,” Faison said of Cook.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, corporations from nearly every sector of the American economy have taken to social media proclaiming their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and condemning police killings as … Read More

Low Fees and High APYs From This Online Bank

When it comes to banking, most of us are just looking for something convenient and free… but it’s that much better when your checking account can actually help you earn money, too.

If you’re willing to move to a digital-first banking system — that is, one where your account is entirely online and you don’t have access to a brick-and-mortar banking location — CIT Bank offers both checking and savings accounts with no monthly maintenance fees and high interest earnings potential. (Although there’s a minimum opening deposit of $100, it’s pretty reasonable given the bank’s high rates.)

Although foregoing the in-person franchise can be a little daunting, CIT Bank makes it that much easier by offering up to $15 in third-party ATM fee reimbursement per month, and you’ll never be assessed an ATM fee on their end. However, if you’re looking for a bank that also offers small business solutions,

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Inside The Dangerous Online Fever Swamps Of American Police

(Photo: Illustration: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images)
(Photo: Illustration: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images)

Around the time news broke on Monday afternoon that the New York City Police Department would disband plainclothes anti-crime units that had been tied to several high-profile police shootings, someone calling themselves “ltdad613” started a thread on Thee Rant, a police message board that purports to host current and former NYPD employees. “I wouldn’t want to be a [Commanding Officer] for the next few compstats,” ltdad613 wrote. “This is right from [New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio]. I feel for anybody still on the job.”

Elsewhere, the posts on Thee Rant were much darker. In one Monday thread, “dominop” wrote that “A Firing squad would be a good cure for ANTIFA!!!” Other users chimed in to say snipers or napalm might be more fitting.

Thee Rant is just one node in a wider web of right-wing police media. On similar message boards,

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Miranda Hart on her nerve-wracking ‘Emma’ scene

Actor and comedian Miranda Hart says her crucial scene in 2020’s Emma caused her to be the most nervous she’s ever been while on set.

The film’s sparkling cast, headed by Anya Taylor-Joy, includes Hart in the pivotal role of Miss Bates, a single woman of limited means desperately trying to find her place in society. It’s a role that combines humour and pathos in equal measure, it gives Hart the opportunity to flex her dramatic and comedic talents to the full but one particular scene gave her a bad case of nerves on set.

“I knew the importance of the scene and not only did I want to get it right as an actor and for Miss Bates – who I was totally in love with – but it’s such a crucial moment in the film,” Hart tells Yahoo Movies UK. The scene in question sees Taylor-Joy’s matchmaking Emma

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News from around our 50 states


Elmore: A fourth inmate has died after testing positive for COVID-19 as the number of virus cases in the state prison system continues to rise. Robert Stewart, 80, died at a hospital Sunday, the Alabama Department of Corrections said in a statement. Stewart began exhibiting symptoms of the virus June 8 and got treatment at the Staton Correctional Facility infirmary before being transferred to a local hospital, where he died. Officials decided Thursday to test all inmates in the infirmary for the coronavirus, and 13 tested positive, the Corrections Department said. They have been isolated, the statement said. The prison system says that since the pandemic began, a total of 41 inmates and 122 staff members and contract workers have tested positive. Inmate advocates and health experts have expressed concerns that the state’s overcrowded prisons would become a breeding ground for a deadly outbreak and urged the state to

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Testing Options Expand in Austin-Travis County

AUSTIN, TX — Health officials have established a nursing hotline to help with testing enrollment for residents wanting to be screened for the coronavirus, it was announced Tuesday.

The hotline was established as an alternative to those without Internet service who are in need of testing enrollment, Austin Public Health officials explained. Moreover, health officials said they are making testing more accessible by rolling out mobile testing in neighborhoods where residents may have difficulty visiting a drive-thru testing location or CommunityCare clinic.

Residents with COVID-19 symptoms or who are COVID-19 positive and do not have a place to safely isolate may utilize a free City of Austin Isolation Facility, officials added.

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By expanding public testing enrollment to its nursing hotline,

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‘It’s a bigger tent’: Trump expands his political cabinet to revive his 2020 prospects

In late night phone calls, Oval Office meetings and informal conversations with outside advisers, Trump, Kushner and Parscale have discussed ways to revamp the president’s campaign and map out a narrow path to victory this fall. Last month, for instance, Rove was invited to the White House to join the president, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and senior Trump campaign officials for a political strategy session, during which they discussed the president’s standing in a handful of swing states and at least two hotly contested Senate races, according to three people familiar with the conversation.

Rove’s connections to Republican megadonors and his reputation as the canny architect of Bush’s reelection campaign made him one of the first calls Parscale made when Trump’s internal polls started slipping, according to a second campaign official, who added that Rove has also forged a constructive relationship with the president after betting against

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What’s it like to start a new job when working remotely?

Meeting your new team and being shown round the office is one of the biggest parts of starting a new job. But how does it feel when everyone is working from home?

Halfway through my video call with Nicole Rouwenhorst for this article, something embarrassing happens.

“Um, I’m afraid that’s the doorbell,” I say apologetically. “Can you stay on the video call for two minutes? Someone has arrived to collect my daughter’s scooter.”

Nicole laughs, because it’s exactly the point she was trying to make before we were so rudely interrupted.

The 23-year-old joined a marketing firm in Manchester called Social just as lockdown started. She had to get to know her 40 new colleagues purely online.

She had anxiety about building personal relationships this way. But it’s actually been fine, she says, precisely because of little incidents like my scooter visit.

“In some ways video calls are even better

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Personal Capital Reaches $1B In Assets Under Management In ESG

Personal Capital, an online financial advisor, and personal wealth manager, formally announced its Socially Responsible Personal Strategy Investment portfolios surpassed $1 billion in assets under management.

What Happened? Alongside a historic liquidation in financial markets, investors helped fuel a 109% year-over-year growth in total assets managed in ESG portfolios, signaling a market-wide appetite for sustainable investing.

“We’ve seen assets managed in our ESG portfolios more than double year-over-year in every month since inception,” said Brendan Erne, Director of Portfolio Management at Personal Capital. “There is clearly a growing interest in those looking to invest more sustainably and responsibly.”

Since 2018, in partnership with Sustainalytics, a leader in ESG and corporate governance research, Personal Capital’s Socially Responsible Personal Strategy has provided investors the ability to make an impact with their portfolios.

“We use a combination of exclusive and inclusive filters, which allow us to avoid controversial categories and simultaneously

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What rich people are buying during coronavirus. Hint: It’s not toilet paper

Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. <span class="copyright">(Michelle Demaree)</span>
Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. (Michelle Demaree)

A few weeks after much of the U.S. went into a shutdown because of the coronavirus, Peter Webster, cofounder and president of New York jewelry company Roberto Coin, got a call from a client who was seeking a 25th-anniversary gift for his wife.

In accordance with his client’s budget, Webster sent off a 120-carat diamond necklace, priced at $1.5 million, for consideration.

“That will buy a lot of forgiveness,” Webster said with a laugh a few weeks ago. “We’re seeing quite a few sales in the $50,000-to-$100,000 range. People have this pent-up frustration. They can’t go on their world trip so they will buy jewelry. There’s much more movement than I thought there was going to be.”

Wealthy people are generally still rich despite COVID-19, which has caused economic havoc and

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