Billerica economic development coordinator resigns from position after feeling “threatened” – News – Billerica Minuteman

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Two years after she stepped into the role of Community Preservation and Economic Development Coordinator, Katie Mahoney said she has made the decision to resign from the position to work for the Billerica Public Schools.

Mahoney, a former Billerica School Committee member who announced she would not run for reelection this past spring said she is leaving the economic development office on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

On Monday, Sept. 14, she will start her new position as the curriculum coordinator clerk at Billerica Memorial High School.

Mahoney said she came to the conclusion she wanted to resign after the Monday, Aug. 17, meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

She said it was during the town manager’s review that Chairman Mike Rosa Vice Chairman John Burrows and Selectmen Dan Burns expressed their disappointment with the economic development department and the push to disband or reorganize its staff in the near future.


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Euro Zone Recovery Lost Momentum in August as Economies Diverge | Investing News

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LONDON (Reuters) – The euro zone’s rebound from its deepest economic downturn on record faltered in August, surveys showed on Thursday, with some countries in the bloc suffering more than others from restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Overall growth in the dominant service industry – which has been harder hit than manufacturing from lockdown measures – almost ground to a halt, suggesting the long road to recovery will be bumpy.

Last quarter the bloc’s economy contracted 12.1% as lockdowns led to businesses being shuttered and citizens staying home, official data showed.

A Reuters poll last month predicted a bounceback this quarter with growth of 8.1% but said a full recovery would take two years or more. [ECILT/EU]

But as infection numbers have risen some restrictions have been re-imposed, and IHS Markit’s final Composite Purchasing Managers’ Index, seen as a good gauge of economic health, suggested the

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Turkey, Russia and China benefit from weakened United States

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Turkey, Russia and China are just three countries taking advantage of the moment to act aggressively around the world and test American resolve. All three are betting that the United States is too mired in crisis to react powerfully to strategic challenges overseas. All three might be making a miscalculation.

Turkey is threatening its neighbors and claiming new maritime borders; Russia is poisoning its opposition and posturing around Belarus; and China continues to build up its defense forces while cracking down on dissent at home and abroad. It’s all a potently toxic brew of hyper-national ambitions heartily guzzled by Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

They are drunk with the idea that right now is their time to act aggressively because America can’t or won’t seriously engage to stop them. If they’re right and can achieve their goals because the U.S. continues to stand on the sidelines,

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Announcements of Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Prize in Economic Sciences

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MALMÖ, Sweden, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Every year, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry, and the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. This year, the number of press accreditations to the announcements will be very limited but it will also be possible to follow the event online and interview experts afterwards via phone or videolink.

The press conferences at which the laureates will be announced are held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. The press conferences are open only for media representatives covering this year’s prizes. Please note that accreditation in advance and valid press credentials are mandatory. Applications must be made for each press conference separately.

Because of the ongoing pandemic we can only accept a very limited number of media representatives in the Session hall. In order to

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Voided NEOM/Riot Games deal delivers esports an ethical accounting

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It was perhaps inevitable that a controversial arrangement such as this would occur eventually. In recent years, esports has seen fresh interest from a range of suitors. The industry’s growth, after all, has been complemented by unique access to a demographic brands have historically found difficult to reach — that of young and often male consumers.

Moreover, there’s already precedent for partnerships between esports properties and nation states or businesses with close ties to government.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment, which co-owns Team Liquid parent company aXiomatic and owns the Washington Wizards, Mystics and Capitals, along with their associated esports teams (Wizards District and Caps Gaming), is partnered with the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain hosted a BLAST Pro Series event in 2019 and more recently, its first F1 esports Grand Prix.

FC Schalke 04, a German soccer club with an esports division, is sponsored by Gazprom, a largely state-owned Russian energy

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Up, Down and Sideways: a Voter’s Guide to U.S. Economic Data | Investing News

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(Reuters) – In the countdown to the Nov. 3 U.S. presidential election, the state of the economy is a key concern for many voters.

Americans face a barrage of data, from this Friday’s monthly jobs report to what in all likelihood will be a blockbuster economic activity scorecard a mere five days before Election Day.

No one is debating that the United States has been struck by a recession of historic magnitude because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather, President Donald Trump says he is best placed to lever signs of a nascent recovery into a return to economic health. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, meanwhile, argues a lack of leadership by Trump – on containing the virus in particular – has made the slump worse than it needed to be.

With two months to go before the election, and less time than that for those planning to mail in their

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Personal income could plunge as government programs end

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  • US consumer spending improved on a monthly basis in May and June, but personal income could plunge as government programs end.
  • And a drop in consumer spending and personal income could cause issuers’ recovery to backslide.

The value of goods and services by or for people in the US — called personal consumption expenditures (PCE) — rose 5.6% in June 2020 compared with May 2020, when it jumped up 8.5% on a monthly basis, per a release from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

US consumer spending metrics monthly growth

Consumer spending could regress in the coming months because of falling monthly personal income growth.

Business Insider Intelligence

This uptick in May and June is likely related to many US states allowing businesses to reopen in May and early June, bringing PCE growth up from the -6.7% and -12.9% monthly growth rates it posted in March and April, respectively.

But consumer spending could regress in the

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Can Economic Threats Change People’s Minds About the Confederate Flag?

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Activists nationwide have resumed demanding the removal of statues and symbols that are considered racially offensive – such as of slave owners, Confederate leaders and the Confederate flag.

The requests – and related boycotts and threats of other economic protests – have been part of the national controversy about racism in American life and have sparked questions about how to recognize traumatic elements of U.S. history.

Typically, the debate about the role of Confederate imagery in public life is seen as a political, social or racial issue. But in recent research, we discovered that economic concerns could be effective in shifting Southerners’ attitudes about Confederate symbols.

Public officials and individual citizens alike are more likely to oppose the presence of Confederate symbols when they learn it may be bad for local business.

Longstanding support

Decisions to build Confederate monuments or display the Confederate battle flag were not, of course, controversial

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Willoughby Hills has economic relief for its small businesses | Lake County

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Amid the novel coronavirus, small businesses in Willoughby Hills have the opportunity for some economic relief.

The Willoughby Hills City Council has approved legislation to offer small businesses in the city the opportunity to receive a reimbursement of up to $2,000 each for coronavirus-related expenses. The reimbursement is on a first-come, first-serve basis until the $100,000 that has been allocated has been distributed. 

All seven council members voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance. Councilmen Dan Zegarac and Mike Kline served to develop the program guidelines and eligibility.

To qualify, small businesses need to be able to show that they’ve purchased personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, face masks or shields, hand and surface sanitizer, towels, disinfectant wipes and construction of installation of plexiglass or floor markings, Zegarac said.

“It’s a real good idea because when businesses reopened, they were faced with the task of conducting business in a different way,” he

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