Hundreds of gold coins dating back to the 9th century were unearthed by teenagers volunteering at an excavation site is Israel.

Video Elephant

Somebody stole a very pricey potty last year from the restroom of a palace in England.

But the police still don’t know who did it and have been trying to find out ever since.

 “The toilet is still missing,” a Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed to USA TODAY Aug. 21.

Since going missing last September, the toilet’s value has boomed to around $5 million, up by about one-third, all because it was made of something that has seduced mankind for centuries and recently surged to more than $2,000 per ounce for the first time ever.


Instead of porcelain, the toilet – a modern art piece – was made of this seemingly magic metal, an element that has been in demand like never before, driven by