Online fashion stocks in vogue as coronavirus speeds ecommerce

By Emma Thomasson

BERLIN (Reuters) – Shares in online fashion retailers Zalando and ASOS jumped on Thursday after the German company said it expects a big increase in second-quarter sales and operating profit as coronavirus lockdowns accelerate a shift to ecommerce.

The growth rate of online fashion looks set to triple this year to account for 23% of European sales in 2020, levels not expected before 2024 prior to the pandemic, analysts at Bernstein said, adding the market share could hit 37% by 2030.

“The sudden closure of all apparel retail stores across all major global markets has shaken up the channel mix in an unprecedented way this year,” said Bernstein’s Aneesha Sherman. “(It’s) five years’ worth of growth achieved in about six months.”

Zalando, Europe’s biggest online only fashion retailer, said late on Wednesday it expects to significantly beat market expectations for 16% second-quarter revenue growth and an adjusted

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Execs Express Optimism & Christopher Nolan Sends A ‘Tenet’ Update To Online Conference

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The 2020 edition of CineEurope got underway online today with executives chiming in on what exhibition and distribution will look like as coronavirus restrictions ease. The studios normally would have been in Barcelona this week to show off their upcoming slates to European exhibitors. Instead, Film Expo Group did a nice job of pivoting to an online conference that on Day One served up messages from executives, and even Christopher Nolan.

Nolan’s Tenet is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and certainly one of the first due to open as theaters come back online (Warner Bros recently moved it from July 17 to July 31). The director, who is a big proponent of the theatrical experience, sent a taped missive to CineEurope participants. Here’s what he said:

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“We’re in the final throes of it. I don’t want

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Low Fees and High APYs From This Online Bank

When it comes to banking, most of us are just looking for something convenient and free… but it’s that much better when your checking account can actually help you earn money, too.

If you’re willing to move to a digital-first banking system — that is, one where your account is entirely online and you don’t have access to a brick-and-mortar banking location — CIT Bank offers both checking and savings accounts with no monthly maintenance fees and high interest earnings potential. (Although there’s a minimum opening deposit of $100, it’s pretty reasonable given the bank’s high rates.)

Although foregoing the in-person franchise can be a little daunting, CIT Bank makes it that much easier by offering up to $15 in third-party ATM fee reimbursement per month, and you’ll never be assessed an ATM fee on their end. However, if you’re looking for a bank that also offers small business solutions,

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Inside The Dangerous Online Fever Swamps Of American Police

(Photo: Illustration: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images)
(Photo: Illustration: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images)

Around the time news broke on Monday afternoon that the New York City Police Department would disband plainclothes anti-crime units that had been tied to several high-profile police shootings, someone calling themselves “ltdad613” started a thread on Thee Rant, a police message board that purports to host current and former NYPD employees. “I wouldn’t want to be a [Commanding Officer] for the next few compstats,” ltdad613 wrote. “This is right from [New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio]. I feel for anybody still on the job.”

Elsewhere, the posts on Thee Rant were much darker. In one Monday thread, “dominop” wrote that “A Firing squad would be a good cure for ANTIFA!!!” Other users chimed in to say snipers or napalm might be more fitting.

Thee Rant is just one node in a wider web of right-wing police media. On similar message boards,

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Want to code? This online course bundle is a good place to start.

Want to code? This online course bundle is a good place to start.
Want to code? This online course bundle is a good place to start.

TL;DR: The Python Power Coder BONUS bundle is on sale for £26.89 as of June 17, saving you 97% on list price.

If you thought data science was just a trend that would come and go, then you are sorely mistaken.

Data influences nearly every aspect of your life, from playlists recommendations on Spotify, to Alexa’s answers, to the skincare products you use on a daily basis. And those who can make sense of thousands of cells of raw data and can consolidate them into actionable insights will find themselves climbing the corporate ladder pretty swiftly.

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If you can’t go back to school to learn all about data science, then consider diving into the world of online courses instead. They provide the information you need to know

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Build your brand’s digital footprint with this online class bundle

Build your brand's digital footprint with this online class bundle
Build your brand’s digital footprint with this online class bundle

TL;DR: The Complete SEO and Digital Mega Marketing bundle is on sale for £39.08, saving you 97% on list price.

Most people use Google to search for answers on all of life’s questions — from the mundane choice of “where to get chips” to the complex query of “how to buy a house.” We even Google ourselves from time to time.

So why should you care about Google?

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If you own or run a business, then showing up on the first page of Google is where you want to be. And how might you get there, you ask? SEO is the answer.

Search engine optimisation is the most important weapon in a digital marketer’s toolkit in 2020, as companies look to top Google search rankings. And if you’re hoping to

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6 essential pieces of information you need to apply for Social Security online

To apply for Social Security online, you want to have all the information you need at your fingertips before you log into your account. 

So what information is that, and what steps must you take?

First, you’ll need to log in or create an account at mySocialSecurity. To create an account, the Social Security Administration will ask you a series of questions for verification. Among other things, you should have the following ready: your mobile phone, a credit card, a W-2, and your tax forms.

Once you have a mySocialSecurity account, you can then begin applying for your retirement and spousal benefits. You’ll need:

Date and place of birth: If you were born outside the U.S. or its territories, you’ll need the name of your birth country at the time of your birth and, if you’re not a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident card number.

Marriage and divorce: You’ll need

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The Online Grocery Boom Reveals a Few Big Winners

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Covid-19-related lockdowns have ushered in plenty of consumer behaviors that I don’t expect to last, including cutting one’s own hair and baking enough homemade bread to spark a run on yeast. 

But there’s at least one spending shift brought on by the pandemic that is bound to be quite sticky: buying groceries online. Many shoppers tried this format for the first time in the past several months, and there’s good reason to believe they won’t give it up. It’s a dynamic that will further strengthen retail heavyweights Walmart Inc., Target Corp. and Costco Wholesale Corp., while putting more pressure on traditional grocery chains.

Nearly half of respondents in a survey by Coresight Research reported trying online grocery shopping for the first time or increasing their use of it because of the novel coronavirus. Importantly, the study was conducted March 17-18, when state and local stay-home mandates were

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Watchdog clamps down on scam ads with online reporting site

Customers that come across scam ads online will be able to report them to a State-backed system for the first time from today.

The UK Scam Ad Alert System will allow internet users to flag bogus ads by providing details like the ad’s web address and content.

The system is being headed up by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

While most big internet services like Amazon and Facebook Marketplace already employ their own scam prevention methods, the new alert system will allow the details of the fake ads to be shared among all platforms that could be affected.

Once reported, the ASA will circulate the advertiser’s details, remove the ad, and suspend the perpetrators account if possible.

The launch follows a three-month pilot by the ASA and the IAB, which allowed the system to alert platforms and publishers to paid-for scam ads. Fake ads

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Annecy 2020 Online Opener ‘Connected’ Proves Lord and Miller’s Spidey Power

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Annecy 2020 Online kicked off its world-class French animation festival Monday with a pre-recorded video touting Sony Picture’s “Connected” (October 23), the latest tech savvy movie from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller. However, Mike Rianda, who makes his directorial feature debut after guiding “Gravity Falls,” is the true creative force behind “Connected,” a very personal comedy about a family road trip that brings a combative father and daughter closer together when they fight a robot uprising.

“We wanted to make a movie where the artists…have a say and the best idea wins,” said Rianda, who was joined in the video by Guillermo Martinez (head of story) and Lindsey Olivares (production designer) after a brief introduction by Lord and Miller. (The video is available to all registered festivalgoers through June 30). After “Spider-Verse” took animation by storm and won

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