Best SEO and Digital Marketing online class deal: Save 97% (UK deal)

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The Complete SEO and Digital Mega Marketing bundle is on sale for £39.08.
The Complete SEO and Digital Mega Marketing bundle is on sale for £39.08.

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TL;DR: The Complete SEO and Digital Mega Marketing bundle is on sale for £39.08, saving you 97% on list price.

Most people use Google to search for answers on all of life’s questions — from the mundane choice of “where to get chips” to the complex query of “how to buy a house.” We even Google ourselves from time to time. 

So why should you care about Google?

If you own or run a business, then showing up on the first page of Google is where you want to be. And how might you get there, you ask? SEO is the answer.

Search engine

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How Online Platform Tongal Created The ‘Sesame Street’ Pride Image and Other Content During Coronavirus

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Santa Monica based Tongal is an online-platform providing remote content. “Think of us as a virtual studio made up of above- and below-the-line talent from all over the globe,” says CEO James DeJulio.

As a creator in the world of remote content, Tongal was ahead of the game when the coronavirus pandemic halted production and content delivery. Tongal stepped in providing solutions. Their most recent work was with the Sesame Workshop. In celebration of  Pride Month, the Sesame Workshop used Tongal’s community of creators to develop a series of social assets including this Instagram post that celebrates friends and families of all shapes, sizes and colors.

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James DeJulio talks to Variety about how the company worked with TV and Film and how he sees the future of content creation.

What conversations did you have regarding the Sesame Street Pride image?

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E-Commerce Fraud Is on the Rise, Leaving Retailers Vulnerable as They Embrace Selling Online

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The surge in online purchases has also resulted in a greater need for e-commerce fraud prevention, according to a number of industry experts. With many retailers and brands selling online for the first time, or dealing with unprecedented volumes of online orders, they are increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime, which could cause significant damage to their bottom lines.

“Several factors are making it harder for risk teams to spot fraudulent behavior during the pandemic, including changing consumer behavior,” said Jason Cheung, product manager of fraud at Digital River Americas, a global commerce solution. “Customers are shopping online more frequently and at different times, which can trigger false positives within risk models.”

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Other issues could arise from increased bulk buying, whether due to consumers trying to stock up on product or take advantage of discounts (bulk orders have traditionally been a

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How hucksters and would-be profiteers invaded California’s online COVID-19 marketplace

In early April, Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a website where people and companies could help California gear up for the coronavirus pandemic.

The portal was designed as a marketplace for middlemen, manufacturers and business giants to pitch deals and donations with the state, which was scrambling to obtain medical supplies to fight COVID-19.

For some, the site was a chance to clear out their closets.

Someone in Los Angeles found seven masks while cleaning out an apartment and asked to donate them. A Santa Rosa resident offered an ice machine, an orthopedic boot and two N95 masks that were leftover from the 2017 wildfires.

“Sorry,” the person said, “that’s all I had left.”

Along with these small gestures, the portal soon became cluttered with hundreds of questionable offers and a dizzying array of sales pitches, a Sacramento Bee review of more than 6,000 submissions found. Hucksters looked to cash-in on

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The best virtual escape rooms to play online with friends

We could all do with a bit of escapism from reality at the minute, as lockdown continues in the UK.

Escape rooms are very popular with groups who love a challenge, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, all of them in the UK have closed their doors for the foreseeable.

But in the past few weeks, escape rooms have come online instead to make socialising with your friends adrenaline-pumping.

Even the World Health Organisation is urging everyone to stay at home and play games, so if you need some more inspiration we’ve rounded up the best apps that you can play games on with friends and family here.

As with physical escape rooms, the mission is as the name suggests – to escape the room – through a series of problem-solving missions and teamwork. Here are a few of our favourites.

You can trust our independent round-ups. We may earn

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Car dealerships are reopening but the pivot to online sales has begun

Car dealerships are among the next establishments to reopen in England from June 1. It’s welcome news to an industry that suffered an enormous drop in sales following the nationwide lockdown that started on March 30. New car registrations in Britain were down 97% in April 2020 compared to April 2019.

Coronavirus hit at an already tough time for the car industry. Competition from disruptors like car sharing companies had seen new UK car registrations drop by 5.8% in January and February 2020, with diesel sales especially hard hit.

One company that’s particularly well placed to meet the challenge ahead of reviving sales is Volkswagen. The dieselgate emissions scandal cast a long shadow over VW, but the German car maker is going to great lengths to reposition itself at the front of the electric vehicle market.

To make this process more smooth, it recently announced that all its dealerships have

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Mercedes Sees Online Services As Profitable As Selling Cars

The market for AI systems will explode in the next five years.

Mercedes-Benz’ MBUX infotainment system debuted for the first time with the new A-Class back in 2018 and you can already order it in almost every vehicle from the manufacturer – including the recently refreshed E-Class coupe and convertible. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), pronounced em-bee yew-ex, boasts a pretty display and clever interfaces in spades, and the automaker will continue to invest millions in it as it believes it can make money.

According to a recent report, the market for automotive AI systems will rise from about $2 billion today to more than $26.5 billion by 2025. Simply put, if you put big money on this technology now, you’ll be in a better position to monetize it when the sector explodes. And Mercedes knows that and it’s the main reason why it chose to invest in an

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18 Online Shopping Traps and Scams To Watch Out For

Online shopping can help you save money and access a wide variety of products, but there are downsides, too. Hackers and other online criminals are constantly trying to scam shoppers by offering fake deals and discounts. In fact, according to a recent Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker report, online purchase scams are the second-riskiest type of fraud after employment scams.

Although shopping online doesn’t always result in identity theft, there are other risks, too. You might lose money, get a bogus product or not get anything at all — and you might even be convinced to spend more than you planned to.

By knowing the most common scams and traps that online shoppers encounter, you can set your finances up for a better future.

Last updated: April 7, 2020

Requests To Pay With Wire Transfers

Sound the alarm if a retailer asks you for a wire transfer, a money order

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Meet Skin Medicinals, an Online Platform That Aims to Make Customized Topical Prescriptions More Affordable

Picture this scenario: Your dermatologist prescribes you a generic topical cream, maybe for acne, eczema, or just purely skin-brightening purposes. Yet when you show up to the pharmacy to fill said prescription, instead of costing $15 or so, the pharmacist tells you it’s going to be around $1,000. Yes, just for one tube of cream and yes, even with your insurance. Or, maybe you’re able to fill it with the $35 co-pay on your insurance plan, but the pharmacy still bills your insurance company $1,000, which may cause future co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses to increase exponentially.

For a plethora of reasons, the cost of generic, basic dermatological medications keep soaring. This is precisely what prompted Dhaval Bhanusali, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, to create Skin Medicinals, an online platform that sells medications for common skin conditions and concerns, like rosacea and scarring, for under $60.

“It is

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Airbnb Online Experiences lets you go on virtual travel or tours

If you’re starting to feel a little wanderlust right now, you’re not alone. I have been daydreaming of the day I can dust off my millennial pink AWAY suitcase, hop on a plane and get lost in the streets of a foreign city again. Normally, when there isn’t a global pandemic or widespread civil unrest and protests against police brutality and systemic racism, I write about travel and destinations around the world. Quarantining during COVID-19 has redefined how we connect with people and places around the world, both domestically and internationally — among lots of other things. Sheltering in place has forced us to adapt to many new norms and continuously discover ways to fuel our creativity, whether that’s learning a new language, cooking a new bread recipe or playing an instrument. And for world travelers like myself who are used to globetrotting during the spring and summer months, COVID-19

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