Guess Which State Came Last in Rating for ‘Economic Outlook’

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The American Legislative Exchange Council once again ran the numbers to find which states have the best and worst economic outlooks. Utah came in first, followed by Wyoming, Idaho, Indiana, and North Carolina. There were several factors at play.

“The empirical evidence and analysis in this edition of Rich States, Poor States illustrate which policies encourage greater economic opportunity and which are obstacles to growth,” the report’s author Jonathan Williams writes. “The evidence is clear that competitive tax rates, thoughtful regulations, and responsible spending lead to more opportunities for all Americans. State economies grow and flourish when lawmakers trust people, not government, to create long-term prosperity.”

And once again, if you didn’t guess by now, for the sixth year in a row, the Empire State came in dead last.

New York is currently ranked 50th in the United States for its economic outlook,” RichStates PoorStates reports. “This is a

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Bill on telehealth payment not likely, says state insurance head… | Eye on Boise

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Legal mandates for Idaho insurers to cover telehealth services at the same rate as in-person visits likely aren’t the best route for ensuring that telehealth payment parity remains, a state group of health care experts learned this week, writes Post Register reporter Kyle Pfannenstiel. Idaho’s Telehealth Taskforce concluded its meetings Wednesday. Since January, the state-founded group has met regularly to discuss revamping telehealth in Idaho.

Idaho’s telehealth laws have been drastically overhauled in the past five years, the Idaho Press reported, but the task force has said several obstacles prevent it from being as widespread as it could. Rural areas sometimes don’t have nearby doctors or reliable broadband. Idaho’s legal definition is too narrow, task force members worry, and it could exclude future technologies.

Yet another gap for telehealth in Idaho: How it’s paid for.

Most states have laws that, to some extent, require insurers pay for telehealth services at

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Vivek Kaul’s unsparing analysis on shambolic state of Indian banking, PSBs- The New Indian Express

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Vivek Kaul’s unsparing and inspired analysis of the shambolic state of Indian banking and the public sector banks (PSBs) owned by the government in his new book, Bad Money: Inside the NPA Mess and How it Threatens the Indian Banking System, is hugely fascinating and every bit as horrifying. Thanks to the likes of infamous defaulters on behemoth loans such as Nirav Modi and the King of Good Times, Vijay Mallya, the media as well as the public found themselves paying attention to the twists and turns in the murky world of high finance, especially since the poster boys for bad money merely represent the small fry in a gargantuan problem. The abysmal state of the banking system reeling under the crushing weight of bad loans to the tune of over `10 lakh crore has become painfully apparent. 

The questions boil over demanding explanations:

How did the Indian financial system

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Jobless claims in Washington fall for sixth straight week as state gets new money

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New unemployment claims in Washington state fell for the sixth consecutive week and hiring has picked up in some sectors. But experts warned that a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 recession may not emerge anytime soon.

Workers in Washington filed 18,389 new, or initial, claims for regular unemployment insurance during the week ending Aug. 22, the state Employment Security Department (ESD) reported Thursday. That’s down 16.2% from the prior week and 36% from a month ago. 

Nationally, initial unemployment claims fell nearly 9% last week, to 1 million, the U.S. Labor Department reported.

Still, new unemployment claims in Washington state are nearly four times the level they were a year ago, as some companies continue to make cutbacks.

And although the total number of workers receiving jobless benefits in Washington fell modestly — to 356,587, or 1.6% lower than the prior week — it’s also at historic levels. Many of

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Talage Partners with State Associations for Insurance Agents

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RENO, Nev., Aug. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Talage, a provider of digital distribution software solutions for commercial insurance, is pleased to announce new partnerships with four regional Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) organizations to provide digital tools to member agents/agencies.

The IIABA is a national trade association providing community and support to independent insurance agents and brokers through discounted access to tools and resources, as well as industry advocacy, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the insurance marketplace while also promoting excellence in business and customer service. The partnership agreement with Talage will offer members of the IIABA of California (IIABACAL), IIABA of Nebraska, IIABA of New Mexico, and the Ohio Insurance Agents (OIA) access to Talage’s modern digital distribution software solutions for commercial insurance.

“Independent agents and brokers face an extremely heavy lift in terms of acquiring new insurance customers today,” said Adam

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Sacramento City schools face state takeover in February

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Sacramento City Unified School District could run out of cash as soon as February 2021, which would prompt the state to take over.

The financially distressed district has long been avoiding a state takeover, which would require it to take out a state loan with interest and pay it back over several years.

The district’s structural deficit is now projected to be $40 million, an increase from its $27 million projection just a year ago. District officials expect the gap to widen even more because school districts are receiving limited state funding, and Sacramento City Unified enrollment is declining.

Sacramento City Unified Chief Business Officer Rose Ramos shared the grim news at Thursday’s virtual school board meeting.

“Certainly we will continue to look for those big savings,” Ramos said. “We need those 20 or 40 million dollars. That will be hard to come by. It’s a pretty lean operation here.”

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Alaska Housing Finance Corporation — Moody’s announces sale name and par amount change to AK HFC’s State Cap. Bds. II 2020A

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Announcement: Moody’s announces sale name and par amount change to AK HFC’s State Cap. Bds. II 2020A

Global Credit Research – 18 Aug 2020

New York, August 18, 2020 — Moody’s Investors Service announces the sale name change of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s (AHFC or Corporation) State Capital Project Bonds II, 2020 Series A to State Capital Project Bonds II, 2020 Series A (Federally Taxable), with a new sale date of September 1, 2020. The par amount has also been updated from $75 million to approximately $90 million. The updates do not affect the Aa2 rating that was assigned on March 25, 2020.

Please see for any updates on changes to the lead rating analyst and to the Moody’s legal entity that has issued the rating.

This publication does not announce a credit rating action. For any credit ratings referenced in this publication, please see the ratings tab on

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New York named worst state for economic outlook as NYC sees people ‘fleeing the city’

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New York has been named the worst state in the U.S. for its economic outlook as New York City is reportedly seeing people “fleeing the city.”

The American Legislative Exchange Council released its annual ranking of “Rich States, Poor States” on Wednesday, ranking states based on competitiveness and economic outlook based on policy choices. The conservative nonprofit named NYS No. 50 overall for the seventh year in a row, giving it low scores in corporate and personal income tax rates property tax burdens, estate/inheritance taxes, average workers’ compensation costs and “recently legislated tax changes.”

“The data outlined in the 13th edition of Rich States, Poor States shows how economically competitive states thrive and how those that don’t make proactive pro-growth reforms, like Connecticut and Illinois, are left in the dust,” said Reagan economist and study author Dr. Arthur B. Laffer. “Sound tax policy and eliminating excessive government regulations continue to

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The Proposed GOP Economic Relief Bill Provides No Assistance to State and Local Governments

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As Congress wrangles over a new coronavirus relief bill, it’s not only unemployed Americans who are facing financial disaster in the absence of new federal aid.

States and cities are, too.

Since early April, The Conversation has featured a series of stories on the devastating economic consequences of the coronavirus on the places where Americans live and work. Tax revenues – which pay for a lot of local government services – have plummeted, health-related costs have soared and both have led to government spending cuts that one state, New York, said had “no precedent in modern times.”

Democrats in Congress want to send US$1 trillion to help out states and cities in their version of the relief bill. The GOP’s bill has, so far, no money for states and cities, though reportedly its position has moderated recently. Here are four stories that walk you through the problems faced by governments

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Finance Jobs, Employment in State College, PA

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State College, PA

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1855 Capital

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