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   Strategic Planning is designed to help you find satisfying jobs in the business world. Whether you’re
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you’re looking for here. brings you the latest scoop
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Career Defined

“A career is a sequence of jobs, each providing skills and experience needed for the next. In effect, an employer uses part of the
extra revenue a worker generates to train him and pay the rest in wages. As the worker accumulates human capital his pay rises…

A worker invests in his career in light of conditions he expects in the future. He tries to gain valuable skills and knowledge
at each stage of his career, but things are bound to turn out better than he expects in some ways and worse in others. Overall,
if it turns out that he has made good choices, he advances quickly; otherwise, he advances slowly or loses his job.

…Most job changes are promotions, and occur within a single firm. Even those that involve moving to a new employer usually represent
progress along a career path…”

Exploring General Equilibrium by
Fischer Black.

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