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Actual and private property, a fundamental division of property in English widespread regulation, roughly similar to the division between immovables and movables in civil regulation. At widespread regulation most pursuits in land and fixtures (equivalent to everlasting buildings) have been labeled as real-property pursuits. Leasehold pursuits in land, nonetheless, along with pursuits in tangible movables (e.g., items, animals, or merchandise) and pursuits in intangibles (e.g., shares, bonds, or financial institution accounts) have been labeled as personal-property pursuits, in the event that they have been labeled as property in any respect. Private property, often known as “chattels,” might be additional subdivided into chattels private (pursuits in tangible movables and in intangibles) and chattels actual (private property pursuits in land, of which leaseholds have been an important). Chattels private might be additional subdivided into choses in possession (pursuits in tangible movables, together with animals, merchandise, and items) and choses in motion (pursuits in intangibles, together with promissory notes and rights of motion). The excellence between actual and private property, although nonetheless noticed at the moment, is of much less significance in Anglo-American authorized methods than it as soon as was.

Hugo Grotius

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