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My sister and I (her driving, my car) were in a car wreck yesterday; she received a citation for it, but the report is absolutely wrong about what happened.

Sis and I were driving home, came to an intersection and stopped at the light. When the light turned green, she proceeded through the intersection. We were probably a little over halfway through the intersection when another car came into view from the right (crossing the intersection on the cross street). I screamed on impulse, my sister slammed the brakes, and the other car hit just the very front of my car, tearing off the bumper completely and the driver side headlight. As soon as the collision was over, I instinctively looked up at our traffic light — sure enough, it was green. We pulled over to the curb, got out, and an onlooker (not sure if she saw the crash, or just heard it and came out of her house) called the cops.

The other car, after hitting us, flipped over onto the roof and then all the way back onto its wheels, stopping on the other side of the intersection facing the opposite direction that she had been driving. There are skid marks from her car AFTER she hit us but not before (which makes me think she didn’t even see our car).

Officers came and one took my insurance and registration and sister’s license, while another asked us what happened and had my sister fill out the police report. She wrote a quick description of the accident. Ambulances and fire trucks came for the other car (as far as the officers told us, the other driver/passengers were responsive and ambulatory, but the driver was taken to the hospital). I took pictures of the damage to my car and of the scene; we took care of paperwork with the officers. Dealt with all of this for probably an hour and a half before another officer (one we hadn’t spoken to before) came to ask my sister what happened — specifically how long we had been stopped at the light, when we saw the other vehicle. I started to answer one of his questions and was told that he ONLY wanted her to answer, so I zipped my lips. Officer told her that there was a witness who said that she (witness) was driving on the cross street going the opposite way from the other driver and had a green light, which would mean that we had a red light. It seems that if this were true, the witness would have hit us (or at least been in the intersection at the same time as us?) first, but regardless, we absolutely had a green light when we crossed that intersection. Now, my sister is worried about contesting the ticket and I am worried that because they cited her my insurance will consider my vehicle “at fault” — it seems to be a case of she-said/she-said, and even though I absolutely KNOW we didn’t run a red, it feels like the deck is stacked against us.

Any help or advice?

ETA: I’m in Idaho, USA.

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