Black voters say presidential election is local and personal

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On Wednesday night, Sen. Kamala Harris took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. Joe Biden’s pick for vice president has been seen as a major nod for inclusion.

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Black voters said, as we head into the election, voting for president isn’t just a national issue, they said it’s local and personal. They said this year matters.

“I’ve been voting since I’ve been able to vote, and since I have been able to vote this has probably been one of the most instrumental elections,” said DeLores Venable, a leader in the Black community in Asheville.

According to Pew Research, nonwhite voters will make up one-third of the electorate this year.

“I think Black voters, they’re more wanting, their interest is more in jobs and health care and taking care of their families, the financial security,” said Beverly Miller, the second vice chair of the Buncombe County Democrats.


The election is coming after months of racial unrest across the country, including here in Western North Carolina.

“Blacks want fair and equal opportunities, and Biden and Harris will do,” Miller said.

People told News 13 they like Biden’s relationship with former President Barack Obama and they like that he chose Harris as his running mate.

“They’re not just for Blacks, they’re not just for Republicans or just Democrats,” Miller said.

People said the one thing standing in front of a win: getting people to the polls.

“It’s going to be really instrumental to have local candidates that bring people to the polls that ordinarily wouldn’t come to the polls, either, in order to entice them to vote in this national election,” Venable said.

If things don’t change, people said they fear what comes next.

“That we will have another civil war. There’s already division, and that would just escalate it even more,” said Melinda Lowrance, the president of Henderson County’s NAACP.

Lowrance said she’s voting to get rid of labels.

“Why should we just be Black Americans or Latino Americans or Native Americans. We are Americans. We all belong to the United States of America,” Lowrance said.

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