Chedid Re announces new strategic partnership with Hellenic Sun Insurance Brokers

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Chedid Re, a company of Chedid Capital, has signed a strategic partnership with Hellenic Sun Insurance Brokers (HSB) as their new co-broking partners in Pakistan, to provide insurance and reinsurance support and expertise to local and global markets.

The partnership opens doors to insurance related opportunities in the strategic Pakistani market as the latest addition to its expansive portfolio. Chedid Re, an iconic reinsurance solutions provider listed among the Top 20 Reinsurance Brokers in the world, currently operates in Europe, Africa and South East Asia with offices in Beirut, Dubai, Limassol, London and Riyadh. The new partnership allows Chedid Re to expand its vast network of services such as risk management, risk consulting and insurance broking amongst other reinsurance services to new markets.

Commenting on the partnership, Farid Chedid, Chairman and Group CEO of Chedid Capital said:

“Our partnership with Hellenic Sun Brokers reaffirms the company’s global footprint in the reinsurance industry and the ability to collaborate with an organization which enhances our work in a highly sophisticated line of business spanning over 45 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. With HSB’s presence in the Pakistani market, we are able to provide tailored insurance and reinsurance services to the expanding sector and offer global expertise at the precarious time of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Mr. Shahbaz Haider Agha, Chief Executive Officer at Hellenic Sun Insurance Brokers added:

“We are delighted to partner with Chedid Re, a highly reputable global Lloyd’s broker, which gives us access to global markets and international expertise. This partnership marks an exciting milestone for HSB, allowing us to leverage a new market and continue our growth and legacy in Pakistan.”

Hellenic Sun Insurance Brokers has more than 30 years of experience in Pakistan and has emerged as a market leader in insurance broking and risk management. At the forefront of advancing the industry’s potential, HSB provides risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, life insurance and re-insurance services to clients across private and public entities and individuals at the cross-section of Pakistan’s economy. Alongside its existing operations, HSB will introduce Chedid Re’s expertise to bolster its Brokerage services.

Chedid Re, an official Lloyds broker since 2015, is one of the top 20 reinsurance brokers in the world, operating a diverse portfolio in Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance. In addition to the Reinsurance Broking Services, Chedid Re is managing multiple underwriting agencies with a successful track record as an approved Lloyd’s cover holder and is authorized by various syndicates at Lloyd’s and other regional and international reinsurers: to underwrite risks, participate in contracts of reinsurance, and issue documentation on their behalf.

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