Dodge County gets finance, wage analysis | Regional news

According to the report, “The county’s salary range maximum is at or above the market maximum for 53 percent of positions. An additional 19 percent of positions are still within an acceptable distance from the average. This leaves 28 percent of positions with maximum rates that are under the market average. This is an indication that many of the salary ranges are sufficient, but each salary range needs a reestablished market average to ensure competitive wages throughout each range.”

The study also indicated that the overtime that is occurring at Clearview is highly unusual and problematic — to find an individual employee earning as much as $73,000 in overtime in a single calendar year.

Regarding the loss of experienced workers at Clearview, and elsewhere in the county, the study indicates that high turnover rates can negatively affect an organization and its employees in many ways. “With the constant need to hire and train new employees, it is easy to veer from the true mission and vision of the organization. By retaining employees, an organization can provide a higher caliber workforce.”

Many county workers are retiring after many years of service, providing a challenge that is not easily met.

The initial study is complete, although the firm will be analyzing each position and job description, through the end of the year, to and insure that compensation is equitable. They also plan to add more compensation levels to provide incentives for longevity and advancement. A merit system will be evaluated as part of that discussion.

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