Find out how to Select the Proper Phrase

The phrases “private” and “personnel” are associated in that means, however they don’t seem to be similar. Additionally they belong to completely different phrase courses they usually’re pronounced in another way. The adjective “private(with the stress on the primary syllable) means non-public or particular person. The noun “personnel” (stress on the final syllable) refers back to the individuals employed by a company, enterprise, or service. Each phrases derive from the Latin phrase personalis, that means of or associated to an individual.

Find out how to Use “Private”

The phrase “private” is an adjective that has two completely different meanings: It could be used to explain an individual’s distinctive preferences or qualities, as in “My ‘private’ favourite musician is Bruce Springsteen” or “My ‘private’ skill to play baseball will not be very spectacular.” It could even be used to refer to personal experiences or gadgets, as in “The police even went by way of his ‘private’ correspondence” or “You haven’t any enterprise tampering with my ‘private’ belongings.”

In up to date English, “private” may additionally be used as a noun. For instance, the “personals” refer to private advertisements in newspapers and on-line venues, and the time period “the non-public” is sometimes used as slang for toilet or bathroom.

Find out how to Use “Personnel”

“Personnel” is a noun referring to staff of a enterprise or group, as in “The ‘personnel’ on the XYZ firm are very pleased with their compensation packages.”

“Personnel” can also be used as an adjective in a single particular circumstance: Prior to now, the “personnel workplace” or “personnel division” of a enterprise was accountable for something associated to hiring, firing, coaching, or managing the corporate’s staff. In newer years, the time period “human sources division” emerged to take its place.

The human sources division or HR manages every part that the personnel workplace as soon as dealt with however may additionally be concerned in serving to staff navigate the challenges of the office, starting from work-life stability to variety coaching.


Fairly just a few sources warn in opposition to complicated “private” with “personnel.” Though these phrases come from the identical root, they’re spelled, pronounced, and used in another way. Within the following examples, each phrases are used appropriately:

  • “Workers’ recordsdata are saved within the personnel division.” The recordsdata that comprise details about staff are saved within the division that manages worker info.
  • “Jane was requested to disclose private info as a part of the method of receiving top-secret clearance.” A specific particular person is requested to disclose non-public or secret details about herself to obtain safety clearance.
  • “ABC Company’s personnel are required to carry bachelor’s levels.” The individuals who work at ABC Company should be faculty graduates.
  • “My private perception is that every one individuals ought to observe a vegan food plan.” A person holds explicit views about meals.

Find out how to Bear in mind the Distinction

It could be unlikely that you will combine up “private” vs. “personnel,” however the following tips will enable you to in the event you’re not fairly positive of which to make use of:

  • “Personnel,” which refers to a number of individuals, has extra letters than “private,” which refers to only one individual.
  • “Personnel” contains the letter “e,” which is the primary letter within the phrase “worker.” “Personnel” virtually at all times pertains to the staff of a enterprise or group.

Associated Grammatical Ideas

Some grammar specialists consider that the phrase “private” is redundant. For instance, the that means of the phrase “my private opinion” is actually similar in that means to the phrase “my opinion.” There are, nonetheless, exceptions to this rule; for instance:

  • The phrases “private secretary” and “private pc” recommend that the secretary or pc is devoted to the wants of a person. Thus, the phrase “private secretary” means one thing completely different from “secretary.”
  • The phrase “private scent” refers to a custom-made fragrance, supposed just for a selected individual. There are numerous perfumes, however just one private scent for a person.
  • The phrase “private” may also recommend the idea of “non-public” or “secret.” For instance, “my private diary” suggests a personal diary (versus an internet calendar that is likely to be shared with others in a company).


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