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MORE, the Money, Relationships & Equality initiative at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, provides research, teaching and outreach to establish equality for women and men in relationships, family life and financial decision making, while embracing central questions of self-worth, purpose and meaning-seeking throughout the life course. READ MORE


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You and Your Money

You’ve got a personal relationship with money—and money is a part of your relationships with others. When you make it and how you divide it to who manages it and where you spend it. Issues of money, equitable division of labor and assets are central to the wellbeing of most relationships. This section is here to help you know your financial situation prior to entering into a relationship.


Before Cohabitation & Marriage

Strong relationships are built on an equal partnership, and the first step in that direction is taken before you start moving boxes or walking down the aisle. While preparing for the new change in your relationship, it’s important to know what this means to each of you. This section helps you to discuss big questions about your future.


During a Committed Relationship

If you are in a long-term committed relationship, living together unmarried or married, communication is key to strengthening your partnership. It’s important to make sure that as your relationship grows and changes, equality is a constant. In this section, we’ll guide you through talking about equality in your partnership.


In the Event of a Split

No matter who initiates the break-up, no matter whose fault it may be, and no matter how devastated or confused you find yourself – it is still your duty to bring your partnership to a fair and equitable closure. In this section we will support you through the split by discussing what to expectand how to manage it legally and emotionally.


Deciding to Re-couple

A break-up forces us to re-examine our relationships, not just with former partners but with other family members and new people who enter our lives. It also forces us to re-examine ourselves. This section provides resources for establishing equality in a new partnership if it’s your second-time-around.


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