John Qreshi Explains Why Mastering Consumer Behavior & Your Personal Brand Is The Key to Dominate Economic Crisis In 2020

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John Qreshi Training & Research ;” data-reactid=”30″>New York, NY, Aug. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Written by : John Qreshi – Owner & Founder of Quantum Master Coach ;

When you have a great personal brand, your business may change or even die but your personal brand will not. Your personal brand will transition with you to any business. The truth is, people do not buy into you because of the product or service you are selling, they buy in because of who you are. Personal branding is a safety net. It is a recession-proof formula for your career.

People have come to me for help who have 10 or even 12 million followers but are completely broke. This is because they have nothing to sell. It’s not followers that bring you money, it’s how you position yourself with your personal media brand. With a great personal media brand, you don’t need 10 million followers. You only need 100 or so diehard, rabid fans. When you have this, they will do your marketing for you. And, there is no better type of marketing than word of mouth. This is what comes with your personal media brand.

Do these entrepreneurs have the best products? Maybe not, but, people buy them because of the brand. This is an added benefit of having a strong personal brand. You can justify charging a premium price for your product and services. Without a personal brand, you just become a commodity that acts as a price taker.

Qreshi explained Mastering the psychology of your consumer will allow you to win & create long term scalable business. As long as you know the pain levels of your consumer you can sell and scale. 

At its core, your brand is your reputation. It is essential for your business, your career, and your success. Those who can understand how to yield the power of your networks and brand will achieve significantly more than the average person. John  Qreshi has created several companies and helped many entrepreneurs and greatest lesson he has learned is it takes years and lots of effort to build your personal brand to where you want it but only one slip up to tarnish it. ;

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Company: John Qreshi Training & Research
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