Man Who As soon as Sued A Hedge Fund For Dropping Him Cash Denies Ever Even Pondering About Suing Hedge Funds For Dropping Him Cash

Keep in mind that time that Anthony Scaramucci sued a hedge fund his Skybridge Capital has invested with for inflating its valuation and screwing him over when he was in any other case occupied by different issues? Yea, effectively, he doesn’t both.

“I haven’t been in a single lawsuit in 31 years,” Scaramucci, also referred to as The Mooch, wrote in an electronic mail. “I don’t intend to have any now….”

“It’s completely not true,” stated one particular person near Skybridge. “The one lawsuit he’s ever been in is his divorce. Why would he sue anybody proper now?”

Jesus, how did this man ever get a job within the Trump administration within the first place? (Not for the mendacity, clearly, if he’s in actual fact mendacity and never merely forgetful, however for by no means having used litigation as a weapon.)

Anyway, why is the Mooch denying each ever having sued and at present having plans to sue? Properly, as a result of that extremely profitable structured credit score wager he made 4 years in the past isn’t so lucrative anymore.

The firm lost 22.5{5667a53774e7bc9e4190cccc01624aae270829869c681dac1da167613dca7d05} in March in its flagship fund, according to an investor document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. For the year, the fund is down 21.9{5667a53774e7bc9e4190cccc01624aae270829869c681dac1da167613dca7d05} through March….

Angelo Gordon’s AG Mortgage Value Partners fund, one of Series G’s biggest investments, was down 31{5667a53774e7bc9e4190cccc01624aae270829869c681dac1da167613dca7d05} for the month.

Another SkyBridge investment, Metacapital Management LP, lost more than 50{5667a53774e7bc9e4190cccc01624aae270829869c681dac1da167613dca7d05} in March in one fund SkyBridge is invested in and was selling assets in recent weeks to meet margin calls, according to people familiar with the firm.

Some funds SkyBridge invested in, including the EJF Debt Opportunities fund, Medalist Partners Harvest Fund and Metacapital Mortgage Opportunities Fund, recently told SkyBridge and other clients they wouldn’t be able to withdraw their money.

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