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Their groping efforts to better their condition received strong stimulus also from the ravages of the terrible Black Death, a pestilence which, sweeping off at its first visitation, in 1348, at least half the population, and on two later recurrences only smaller proportions, led to a scarcity of laborers and added strength to their demand for commutation of personal services by money-payments and for higher wages.
A commodity which is a more or less adulterated condition the State sells to the citizen as a reward for his allegiance, taxes and personal service.
Where, for the first time in many revolving years, the overwhelming pressure of pecuniary liabilities was not proclaimed, from day to day, by importune voices declining to vacate the passage; where there was no knocker on the door for any creditor to appeal to; where personal service of process was not required, and detainees were merely lodged at the gate!
Natural timidity, and that retiring and perhaps peculiar lassitude, which forms the very groundwork of female fascination, in the tropical provinces of Spain, held her in their seemingly indissoluble bonds; and it is more than probable, that had not an accident occurred, in which Middleton was of some personal service to her father, so long a time would have elapsed before they met, that another direction might have been given to the wishes of one, who was just of an age to be alive to all the power of youth and beauty.
‘But personal service, by clerk or agent, in these cases, you know, Mr.
Among these personal services, the exports of health and education related services increased by 34.62 percent and 16.5 percent respectively.
Personal services company, Wonderful, has launched a new time-based bilingual personal assistant service for expats and travelers in Korea.
Second in size in terms of the number of establishments is the personal services line, with 15 percent of the total.
One issue has remained unchanged: the risk of creating a de facto personal services contract due to this relationship.
Ethics regulations prohibit a supervisor (or any Executive Branch employee) from encouraging, directing, coercing or requesting a subordinate to perform these types of personal services during work hours or personal time.
The IRS recently released guidance warning that trusts, estates, and personal service corporations engaged in the real property business cannot meet the qualifying tests of IRC Section 469(c)(7)(B), because that test applies only to individuals capable of performing personal services.

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