Why the Winklevoss twins eye BTC at $500,000?

  • Tyler and Cameron believe that Bitcoin has the potential to rally to $500,000 supported by widespread inflation.
  • Bitcoin has more intrinsic value compared to precious metal gold.
  • Central banks are likely to convert their reserves into Bitcoin in the future.

It is obvious that Bitcoin has been in a bull market since March when it sunk to $3,800. BTC has traded a 2020 high at $12,500 but has stalled over the last few weeks unable to sustain gains above $12,000. On the downside, Bitcoin keeps revisiting the support at $11,100, however, many analysts believe that the largest cryptocurrency is in the early innings of a bull trend. Two of these bullish analysts are the funders of Gemini exchange, Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss.

The Winklevoss twins believe that Bitcoin is soon starting a long term journey to $500,000. In fact, their precise potential price target is $600,000 mainly driven by inflows from gigantic companies and even central banks which in the future may begin to convert most of their reserves to BTC.

Bitcoin’s surge to levels above $500,000 means that the digital asset has to rise above the value of all the gold in circulation. The twins are particularly convinced that Bitcoin will eventually start to benefit from the inflationary pressures that are coming forth due to the excessive printing of money to cushion economies from the shocks of the Coronavirus pandemic. The two founders say that Bitcoin is intrinsically better compared to the precious metal gold. Note that Bitcoin has a fixed supply, it is digital in nature and very much divisible.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is trading at $11,603 after free-falling from $11,726 (intraday high). The main question is whether the bulls have the ability to hold above $11,603. On the other hand, if the losses continue, how far will BTC fall? Primary support has been established at $11,100 but $11,400 will come in handy.

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